Sameera Hassan Almaazmi

Director / Fixed Access Network Development
Etisalat – U.A.E

Director Network Development


Based in Sharjah City,  Sameera has 22 years’ experience in telecom field handling the fixed Networks planning & Design in which 15 years in FTTX technologies & GPON deployment.

Currently she is the In-charge of handling the Fiber roll out & planning work to extend the GPON network to all customer domains residential & business, backhauling the mobile sites with fiber optic network. In addition to that scope, she is intensively working on the Conversion of customers working via wireless technologies to GPON as fixed network infrastructure. As a result of the intensive work and collective efforts rendered to the deployment of Fibre, the UAE could achieve Global no.1 in FTTH penetration in year 2016 and continue to secure the topmost position consecutively.